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Incline Village Reservations Launches Central Reservation Service

"It's the first of it's kind since Lake Tahoe split apart their reservation services. One stop lodging from all the providers in town, on one site, how wonderful"
Ken Kendall, IV Vacations

Partnerships Make Incline Village Reservations Work

Product placement the new means for distribution without being in your face. You see it all the time. Front page stories on popular websites that seem like real stories, blog posts or forum posts where people comment on the post, television where the celebrity holds up the product, these kinds of product placement advertorial get attention when they come from a creditable source. How much more creditable can it be when the Incline Village Reservations recommends you. We're here, we know!

Today Incline Village Tahoe has some of the most expensive homes in Lake Tahoe and has become a playground for these stunning mountain retreats.

Fully Integrated Reservations

Incline Village Reservations partners with local professional property managers so every vacation rental is in top quality shape, ready for your vacation. Our sister site also has great Incline Village rentals on the beach or near the slopes.

How Did Incline Village Get Its Name

Incline Village got its name thanks to the incline railway that serviced the area back in the late 1800s.  The name comes from the loggers in 1878 who built a railway to ship the logs to build the towns of Tahoe.  The logging company relied upon the incline railway, which was also known as a cable railway, to help transport its timber. Incline Village is not flat!  It truly is at an Incline.  In 1935, the area that is now Incline Village was bought up by George Whittell from these timber interests as he had an idea as to the area's most viable use. Whittell took his property at the north end of Lake Tahoe and sold off individual parcels to developers and over the years these parcels grew into developments that blossomed into the new town at Incline Village and Crystal Bay, named after the Crystal Bay Construction Company.

Today Incline Village Tahoe has some of the most expensive homes and has become a playground for these stunning mountain retreats.

Sand and Ski Vacations in Incline Village Resort, all from one site, how simple is that!.

Sarah McClean, Tahoe Daily Tribune
Favorite Village Resorts Near Incline

Just 3 hours away and a straight shot is the Mammoth Mountain resort. Known as Southern California's playground (not compared to Incline of course!) it is so close you can play all day on our beaches, and be there for dinner. Add an extra 3 days to your vacation to make it a week by staying in the town and make your Mammoth reservation quick and easy. Ask your reservationist for details.

4 lakes make up June Lake and while it is not as big or as pretty as Lake Tahoe, it is a neat place with a village atmosphere just like Incline Village. What sets this place apart from the similarity of other resorts is that June Lake it is stuck in a time warp. You'll want to ride horses, grab a map and take a hike, or chill out on the sand.

So Cal may be known for great weather, but Big Bear is known for fresh air. Sitting on top of the mountains, the Big Bear Village is a wonderful weekend getaway, when 3 days is all you need. When you're on your tour trip of California, make time to stop and see all the sites, take some guided adventure tours and get in touch with nature in Big Bear.